Mississippi Local Section

Mississippi Chemistry for Life


Thu. 4/21 6:00 PM Spring Awards Banquet at MSU

Awards Given:

  • 1st , 2nd, and 3rd place in both graduate and ungraduate level competition for  student research presentations
  • 2015 Ms ACS Chemist of the year
  • 2015 Ms ACS High School Chemistry Teacher of the Year
Fri. 8/5 1:00 PM Executive Officers' Meeting
Wed. 8/17 2:00 PM Executive Officers' Telephone Conference
Tue. 8/23 3:30 PM A + conferencing demonstration
Thu. 9/22 6:00 PM Ms ACS Meeting

Ms ACS meeting to be held at the Billy Kim Center at Belhaven University. The meeting agenda includes voting on several proposed bylaw amendments and a presentation by an FBI forensics expert. 

Mon. 10/17
Fri. 10/21
All day National Chemistry Week
Mon. 10/17 1:00 PM ACS Speaker

Lisa Balbes will host an interactive, virtual presentation involving the opportunities that exist for individuals who possess a Chemistry degree.

Contact your local student section of Ms ACS for more information.

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